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The Problem

The inspiration that led to the pen rose out of a simple question: how many pens have we lost throughout our lifetime? According to The Guardian, the world's largest pen manufacturer had sold its 100 billionth pen 14 years ago! If we assume that each pen is 14cm long, that was enough to circle Earth 348 times! The number of cheap plastic biro pens floating around today must be truly astronomical.

Mismanaged Waste

We also found that “mismanaged waste” contributed to a large share of global waste. This term refers to litter and all items that have not been properly disposed of, but rather are accumulating in uncontrolled landfills as pollution propagators. Much of the material that composes this collection of waste is plastic, which have further implications, proving to be a major threat to oceans and wildlife, and eventually to human health.

The Plastic Pen

Plastic pens: if we burn them, they cause air pollution. If we dispose of them (or lose them), they cause land/soil pollution. Polystyrene, commonly known as styrofoam, is what most plastic pens are made from - they take 500 years to decompose, at a minimum. That pen we just bought last week, will still be around in the year 2519!

Our Simple Solution

These staggering statistics is why we want to make and use less harmful products in the creation of goods. Our current design of the Paper Pen uses up to 70% less plastic than the traditional biro, and features recyclable and biodegradable paper. 

We are convinced that every little bit counts to reduce plastic waste. Together, with our switch to eco-friendly products, we can make a step towards a sustainable world.

Join us in turning every letter, word and signature into a simultaneous pledge to live a greener life.