Who Are We

Our Story

Sparked by the prevalent issue of climate change, and more specifically, plastic pollution, William realised that, although there are many cleanup initiatives out there tackling climate change, they are often based upon a solution that is 'out there', where the trash it, rather than into our own lives, where the trash is generated.

To quote Dr Alexander Bond, “you don’t figure out how to clean up the blood on the floor. You figure out how to stop the bleeding.”

With this philosophy in mind, William teamed up with Marybeth and Paper Pens Co. was created. Our goal quite simply is to redesign everyday products using fewer environmentally harmful materials.

To date, we've released our first product, the Original Paper Pen. Its current design uses up to 70% less plastic than a traditional biro, translating to roughly 4.7g of plastic from being produced with each pen! See our 2019 impact here! Join us in turning every letter, signature and word into a simultaneous pledge to live a greener life.

Our Founders


Founder and Director (williamtjo@paperpensco.com)

Paper Pens Co. was founded by William, an avid supporter of social cause organisations, having supported and worked with some of Australia's largest NGO's including World Vision Australia, Cancer Council and Vinnies. William is passionate about connecting and meeting new people and when given the chance, will talk endlessly about social entrepreneurship to fellow passionate innovators, leaders and visionaries.



Co-Founder & Brand Strategist  (marybethdelacruz@paperpensco.com)

Within Paper Pens Co., anything that requires creativity and design goes through Marybeth, who has extensive experience with video, photography, social media and design. She has a keen eye for detail and is attributed to have made the brand visually appealing on its website and all social media platforms. In addition, Marybeth has years of involvement with sales and customer relations. If you have any questions, Marybeth is happy to help!


Say Hello!

If you have any questions about Paper Pens Co. or the founders, contact us at info@paperpensco.com or on the following social media platforms!