Reflections from William - our goals for 2020

“What’s the goal for Paper Pens for 2020?”

I think to answer this question it would be helpful to know where we came from: we started in January 2019 as a few business school students looking to create some meaningful impact.

At the beginning, we didn’t know a single thing about running a company in practice. Of course, we knew all about it in theory, but we all know that theory is different from reality.

We looked around us: climate change had been headline news for years now and the Ocean Cleanup – a 2000ft (~609m) plastic tube designed to purge the Pacific Ocean of its plastic waste had just broken.

Most of our attention had been focused on cleanups where the solution is ‘out there’, where the trash is, instead of our own lives where the trash is generated. To quote Dr Alexander Bond, “you don’t figure out how to clean up the blood on the floor. You figure out how to stop the bleeding.” 

This sparked our initial inspiration and mission statement: to redesign everyday products using fewer environmentally harmful materials.

And with that context in mind, our goal is same. The Original Paper Pen helped us say no to over 10,000 plastic pens across the globe, saving over 50kg (~110lbs) of pen plastic from being produced. In addition, we partnered with 11 different organisations to help them minimise their plastic consumption.

That was just one product, with no experience.

With the benefit of hindsight, we hope to double, triple or even 10x our impact this year with you. More products, more partnerships and more impact. I hope you can join us.

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