To Lead By Example: How You Can Change a Community Without Saying a Word

When we decide to make a sustainable switch, we are making them probably for a variety of reasons. It’s safe to say though, most of us are hoping we will inspire others to act.

The world of social media and discord has brought a lot of telling instead of showing. We are telling people what to do, what not to do, and how others should live their lives.

Everywhere we look, we see terrible facts about the world – we may not know it, but this is a form of guilt-tripping one another into action.

Most of us already know this, people don’t like being told what to do

It's funny how we tend to forget this when topics like climate change or passionate issues come up and we just want everyone to jump on board. We mean well. However, what is actually happening?

We are seeing people pressuring their friends, family, and community. Sadly, the opposite effect tends to occur. When people are commanded, or being told what to do, their reaction is to usually say no or to go against it. Even if we believe in what we are being told we’ll often say no to it for the sake of saying no. Humans are weird, but if we know that, then we can act accordingly.

People like arriving at decisions on their own

We let down our guard once the pressure is off. By arriving at a decision on our own we are able to form a more solid reason behind our actions. Otherwise, the reason would be “because my friend said so”. This is where action comes in.

Lead the way

Picture two people trying to convince you to write a book. The first person is simply telling you to write the book and is presenting all of the facts and research as to why you should listen to them.

The second person is simply writing on their own. Every day you see them proud of building something they believe in. You see how beautiful the story is becoming. You see they are able to destress in their writing after a tough day at work. You see them smile as they write. And every day they invite you over and read to you.

Who are you more likely to befriend; who are you more likely to listen to?

It is safe to say that most people want to do the right thing. Perhaps choosing to inspire though action, and leading the way, might just be the push we all need to take action.



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