5 Reasons Postcards with Handwritten Notes are Rewarding

Many can agree that we have become more disconnected at a time when messages can be sent in seconds. Emails and text messages are convenient; however, they can’t be to equal postcards with handwritten notes. Seldom do we receive longhand letters nowadays that getting one gives us lots of delight. According to research, writing also makes you happier!

Here are six compelling reasons why everyone should pick up a pen and paper to communicate as old as time. 

1. Personal and intimate form of communication

The smell of the ink, to the blotted lines, to the paper’s creases and its other small imperfections make the postcard unique and special. Unlike in the modern world where “likes” can be easily given and received, reading handwritten notes is another level of sending love to a special someone. If you’re a business owner, you should know that handwritten notes can have an open rate of up to 99%

2. Improves memory   

Brain development and cognition have been associated with longhand writing by increasing neural activity compared to typing. Study shows that words written in longhand are likely to be stored in your memory, allowing you to reminisce and appreciate them in the future. Forcing yourself to live in the moment, reflect, and write would also help keep your mind healthy. 

3. Creates lasting attachment

The impact of messages conveyed through handwritten notes lasts far longer than its electronic counterpart.  

Finance expert Alister Clare of Credit Capital notes, “Long after postcards and letters are sent, they remain to be re-read, treasured, and preserved. Scrapbooks remind us of our youth and protect the connection with an old friend that no other means of communication can.”

4. Squeezes more ideas faster

Psychologist Virginia Berninger of the University of Wisconsin found out that students wrote faster by hand than typing and created more ideas in essay composition through longhand writing. Berninger’s another research also shows that brain regions involving thought, language, and short-term memory are activated by finger movements when writing by hand. 

5. Serves as a creative outlet

Longhand writing’s labour-intensive nature forces a writer to slow down and let the mind connect with the hand, word by word. It’s a beautiful way to break out of a stressful day and allows you to unplug from technology. Your natural humour, quotes, lyrics, and doodles would turn your postcards into a works of art. 

Paper Pen next to music notes

6. Builds anticipation and excitement 

Traditional mail’s slow shipment builds anticipation and excitement to the sender and receiver. 

Handwritten notes on postcards exceed the connection that instant messages make on every occasion. So, pick up a pen and a paper now! 

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Written by Aidan Smith

Aidan Smith is an Australian freelance writer based in Sydney. He has a passion for learning about global changes in business culture and specialises in entrepreneurship and innovation. When Aidan isn’t at his desk creating content, you’ll find him exploring the great outdoors.

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