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"I love the pen, it's sleek, modern, minimalistic and quite stunning to write with as well. I use it for both work and uni and all my friends love it as well."

Matthew W.

"Love these! Been using them for taking notes and art sketches - the super fine tip is the right diameter. Would purchase again."

Ciana T.

"First time buying these pens and I LOVE them!! They are great to write with and comfortable to hold. I will definitely buy again!!"

Ashleigh S.

"..we love that they are paper because we can write our names on them and personalize them however we choose. I was worried they would be flimsy but have been completely proven wrong. Never going back to regular pens."

Ilish K.


With a full range of design options, you can easily customise your Paper Pen to match your brand guidelines. Join the numerous global organisations that have partnered with us. Proactively reduce your plastic use with a highly visible, portable and everyday lifestyle product.